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Funding Opportunity

June 11, 2019
The State Wildlife Grants program has recently released its general announcement seeking proposals for mangrove habitat enhancement within Florida. 

Florida’s Wildlife Legacy Initiative is seeking applications for the following project.  Project: Mangrove Habitat Enhancement ($200,000 available. See Announcement for details.). Proposals are due by July 12, 2019 for projects that would start July 1, 2020.

This project is being developed to address the Marine & Estuarine Enhancement Implementation Goal of Florida’s Wildlife Legacy Initiative. Applicants are asked to submit project proposals that detail the approach best suited to meet the stated objective. Applicants should obtain a copy of Florida’s State Wildlife Grants Program Guidelines and Florida’s State Wildlife Grants Report Guidelines for additional instructions. Please see the following link for further information on the application process: https://myfwc.com/conservation/special-initiatives/fwli/grant/apply/

Climate Adaptation for DoD Natural Resource Managers is available for download

June 11, 2019
Climate Adaptation for DoD Natural Resource Managers is available for download on both NWF and DoD websites at:

Here is a description of the guide: 

Climate Adaptation for DoD Natural Resource Managers: A Guide to Incorporating Climate Considerations into Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans
Bruce A. Stein, Dawn M. Lawson, Patty Glick, Christy M. Wolf, and Carolyn Enquist 

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) owns or manages more than 25 million acres of lands, representing a wide array of natural ecosystems that support numerous rare and endangered species. These lands are critical to maintaining the nation’s security by supporting military training and testing that can take place under realistic conditions. Over the coming decades, DoD installations will experience significant impacts from climate change, which could compromise their capacity to support the military mission and undermine DoD’s ability to protect and restore native species and ecosystems.

Climate Adaptation for DoD Natural Resource Managers was developed by the National Wildlife Federation with support from DoD, and is designed to help DoD installation managers prepare for and reduce climate-related vulnerabilities and risks. The guide provides an overview of how climatic changes may impact military lands and resources, and offers a structured process for incorporating climate considerations into Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans (INRMP), legally required planning documents that outline how each installation will conserve and manage its natural resources.

The guide offers a six-step INRMP adaptation planning process, which is supported by a series of detailed adaptation planning worksheets. To facilitate their use by DoD installation managers, electronic versions of the worksheets are available for download in Excel and Microsoft Word format. 

Funding for this guide was provided by the Department of Defense Legacy Resource Management Program through Legacy Project 16-790 to the National Wildlife Federation and Naval Information Warfare Center, Pacific.

Simple Viewer updated with new data and report feature!

March 27, 2017
The Simple Viewer has been updated with Florida's Cooperative Land Cover version 3.2 and CLIP version 4.0, as well as the PFLCC's Blueprint version 1.0.

This new version of the viewer includes a slick new reporting feature that allows you to download PDF reports.

Go check it out!