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Oct 3, 2018 (Last modified Feb 18, 2019)
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This map shows the Main Conservation Layers (Priorities P1 and P2, and Connectivity) for Blueprint Version 1.2. P1 and P2 represent 'Highest' and 'High' Landscape Priorities, respectively. Blueprint V 1.2 includes ten Priority Resources: nine terrestrial systems and one ecological process: Coastal Uplands, Freshwater Aquatic, Freshwater Forested Wetlands, Freshwater Non-Forested Wetlands, Hardwood Forested Uplands, High Pine and Scrub, Pine Flatwoods and Dry Prairie, Working Lands (both I and II), and the ecological process, Connectivity. Land covers included in terrestrial Priority Resources were derived from the Cooperative Land Cover (CLC) Version 3.2 (completed in December 2016).

Priority Terrestrial PRs were identified and extracted from the CLC by the top two priorities of CLIP V 4.0 Aggregated Model. The Connectivity PR provides additional linkages among ecological systems through inclusion of portions of P3 of the Landscape Priorities layer that were not already included in the Terrestrial PRs.

Marine and Estuarine Priority Resources are currently under development and will be included in the next version of the Blueprint.

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