Florida 2060 Development Projections

Dec 10, 2015 (Last modified Feb 16, 2019)
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This dataset explores the physical reality of the population growth from  2005 to 2060
without changes to existing land use policy or gross urban density.  The land use
suitability analysis displayed in this dataset was performed by the GeoPlan Center for
1000 Friends of Florida and is a companion study to "A Time for Leadership: Growth
Management and Florida 2060" prepared for 1000 Friends of Florida by researchers
at Georgia Tech's Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development.  GeoPlan's
project was undertaken using relatively straightforward geographic information
systems (GIS) suitability analysis constructed on a foundation of clearly articulated
assumptions.  The three key assumptions were: 1) Population projections derived
from the Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR) moderate population
projections and interpolation (used for calculating population beyond BEBR year
projection horizon); 2) 2005 gross urban density figures would remain the same
through 2060; and 3) population would be allocated to the most suitable land for
future urban development.

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